Spice you Blends! The Super Blender is here!

One of the cool features of NeftyBlocks is the blends. Until now, blends were only a nice front end for the open source blenderizerx contract.
But collections were constantly asking for more. People wanted to be able to schedule blends, or delivering one NFT as the result of multiple blends.

In response to the community’s wishes, we created the Super Blender. The Super Blender is a contract created by NeftyBlocks from scratch and provides more flexibility and richer functionality.

One basic improvement and nonetheless very useful is the possibility to set a start and end time for a blend, as well as a description.

At the presentation level, it is now possible to add a description and a custom image for the blend.

When configuring a blend, it is now possible to define a maximum amount of uses, so the maximum amount of blends no longer depends on the result template max supply.

Just like the original blends, a Super Blend configuration includes a list of ingredients that, when blended, will deliver a resulting NFT.

And here everything starts to get interesting. When configuring ingredients, you are now able to select ingredients using two different filters: template and template attribute value.

Template-based selection is very similar to what the blends UI allowed. The only addition is that now you can also select NFTs from other collections as ingredients.

The template-attribute-based selection allows you to require ingredients based on the values of specific string template attributes. That is useful to define ingredients based on attributes like rarity or variation.

When configuring the results, you will notice that the Super Blender allows you to define multiple possible results. And for each result, you can define the odds of obtaining it. At the moment, when configuring the results you have to use templates with an unlimited supply (unless you use only one result) and the resulting NFTs are minted on demand.

As always, don’t forget to add enough wax to pay for the RAM. Luckily enough, adding RAM can be easily done from the Super Blender configuration page.

Although the user interface of the Super Blender is still limited, the smart contract behind it allows for more complex configurations, like pre-minted results, results backed with tokens, and many more. If you are interested in the extended configuration don’t hesitate to contact us!

Did you know? The $NEFTY token is coming soon! Check out The Whitepaper!

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