How to create NFT Blends

3 min readMar 29, 2021


Another popular feature that collection owner love are blends.

Blends use the blenderizer contract created by Marcos 3DK. The blenderizer accepts one or more NFTs that will get burn and in return the collector receives a different NFT. Ideally a nicer one!

With NeftyBlocks you can easily create blends.

After logging in, navigate the te collection for which you want to create the blend.

Before starting with the blend configuration make sure to add RAM to de Blenderizer contract. You can do that directly from NeftyBlocks. Make sure the amount of RAM you added is enough for the NFTs you are planning to mint.

Press the BLENDS button and once you are in the blends page, press the NEW BLEND button.

Start by adding the result of the blend. That is the NFT that people will receive in exchange for the card they’ll burn.

Then, add the ingredients. These are the NFTs that people has to burn to get the result.

Once you have selected the result and the ingredients, press the CREATE button and sign the transaction.

You can now see the blend in the blends list.

If you press the View blend page option, you will be redirected to the nft-blender site, where people can blend their cards (that will change in the near future).

That was easy right? You now have one more tool to add fun activities to your collection.

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