NeftyQuest: The NeftyShop blends are live!

The NeftyQuest is in full swing.

We are beyond excited to see so many of you battling to climb the ladder of the NeftyQuest leaderboard. While the number of pages and squires is steadily growing, few have succeeded in claiming the sought-after title of NeftyKnight. Those who play actively and accumulate rubies may now be rewarded generously!

April 25th — NeftyShop is Live!

Click here for NeftyShop blends. If you have been playing the NeftyQuest over the past 3 weeks, you are in possession of a precious Ruby NFT. Every week, the rubies you earn by playing the NeftyQuest are added to the balance of your Ruby Wallet NFT. Using your Ruby Wallet NFT, you can now redeem rewards from the NeftyShop!

Use your Ruby Wallet to claim prizes

Treasures await..

The rubies in your ruby wallet act as an ingredient in the NeftyShop Blends. Once you do a blend from the NeftyShop, the rubies required for the blend are consumed. Don’t worry! The blend will not destroy your Ruby Wallet, only the rubies you need for the blend are subtracted from your balance of rubies.

  1. NFT Rewards
  2. Mystery Chests
  3. Redeemable Merchandise NFTs (Coming Soon)

1. What are the NFT rewards? (Price: 5 rubies)

The NFT blend contains NFTs from different collections at various price levels. Exchange 5 rubies to have a chance at getting a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum tier NFT. The NFTs you can get from the blend range from low-value common NFTs to highly valuable sought-after NFTs. The value of the rewards are approximations and can vary depending on NFT market conditions.

  • Betsys Hat* — 80%
  • Common NFT — 15% > value of $1,-
  • Rare NFT — 4.995% > value of $5,-
  • Holy Grail! — 0.005% > value of $850,-
Laser Eyes Double odds

2. What are Mystery Chests? (Price: 5 rubies)

There are 4 different Mystery Chests you can get. Every Mystery Chests contains a precious NEFTY token reward. Exchange 5 rubies to have a chance at getting a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum chests. You may get a little NEFTY.. or break the bank!

  • Bronze Mystery Chests— 80% > Contains 1 NEFTY
  • Silver Mystery Chests— 15% > Contains 5 NEFTY
  • Gold Mystery Chests — 4.995% > Contains 25 NEFTY
  • Platinum Mystery Chests — 0.005% > Contains 25000 NEFTY
  • Laser eyes Betsy hat
  • 5 Rubies

3. Redeemable Merchandise NFTs (Coming Soon)

Additionally, we are introducing redeemable NFTs. By exchanging 400 rubies, you can claim a redeemable merchandise NFT*.

  • NeftyBlocks T-shirt NFT — 100%
  • NeftyBlocks Hoodie NFT — 100%



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