The NeftyQuest Begins!

4 min readMar 31, 2022


Starts: April 4th, 2022

Welcome to the NeftyQuest.

The NeftyQuest offers you a new and engaging way of trading and collecting NFTs on WAX. Since the beginning of NeftyBlocks, we have been looking for ways to help the creators increase their sales on secondary markets. Keeping our word, the NeftyQuest will be released Monday, April 4th, 2022. Over the upcoming 24 weeks, NeftyBlocks will reward traders and collectors with a staggering 100,000 USD ($NEFTY equivalent) of NFTs and merchandise!

How to join the NeftyQuest?

  1. Get Experience Points (XP) by trading and collecting NFTs.
  2. The more Experience Points you get, the more rubies you earn.
  3. Exchange your rubies for valuable NFTs, surprise boxes, and merchandise!
NeftyQuest Leaderboard
  1. How to get Experience Points (XP)?

To get Experience Points, trade and collect NFTs on the NeftyBlocks secondary market.

  • Volume: For every 25 WAX you buy and sell on the NeftyBlocks Marketplace, you earn 100 XP (at least 50 WAXP/week).
  • Quantity: For any NFT you buy and sell, you earn 1 XP (value at least 0.5 WAXP). Update: After week 2 was completed, this has now been updated to 25 XP per trade.
  • Collect NeftyQuest NFTs to double your Experience Points!

Every week, a list of NeftyQuest NFTs is released. You have 7 days to collect them all. Make sure the Quest NFTs are in your wallet every Monday at noon (12:00 UTC). When you have collected the required Quest NFTs on the list, you double your experience points. You must hold the NFTs on the list until the weekly quests are concluded. Collecting quest NFTs to double your XP is a great way to get high on the leaderboard and earn big prizes!

2. Rubies, rubies, rubies! Accumulate as many as you can.

The higher your leaderboard title, the more rubies you earn. You automatically receive a Ruby Wallet NFT that holds your accumulated rubies. Rubies are distributed at the end of every week.

The Knights (top 5% on the leaderboard) receive 80 rubies and a Knight NFT.

The Squires (next 35%the on the leaderboard) receive 20 rubies and a Squire NFT.

The Pages (next 60%the on the leaderboard) receive 5 rubies and a Page NFT.

3. Claim the title of NeftyKnight.

Are you a Nefty Knight yet? Track your performance with the weekly achievement NFTs. Work your way up the leaderboard to claim the mythical title of NeftyKnight. You will receive an achievement NFT at the end of each week. Keep it safe, it may hold value later..

How to earn NEFTY token rewards?

As you probably have experienced, the crypto markets have been very volatile recently! To ensure that you can keep spending your rubies on amazing goodies for all of the 24 weeks of the NeftyQuest, we have set the amount we spend on prizes to WAX instead of USD. Starting Week 8 of the NeftyQuest (23/05/2022)

The most active adventurers get NEFTY Token rewards. At the end of the week, the top 3 on the leaderboard get:

  1. 6500 NEFTY
  2. 2600 NEFTY
  3. 1300 NEFTY

Where is that juicy NeftyShop to spend my rubies?

The NeftyShop rewards go live on April 25th, 2022. Using your Ruby Wallet NFT, you redeem rewards from the NeftyShop. The NeftyShop will be full of highly valuable NFTs from popular play-to-earn games, Nefty surprise boxes with thousands of NEFTY inside, T-Shirts, hoodies, and caps, featuring your favorite collections, and more! Accumulate as many rubies in your Ruby Wallet NFT as you can.

Let’s Start Questing Monday the 4th!

Join the NeftyQuest AMA (7 PM UTC/3 PM EST) Twitter Space.



Disclaimer: The NeftyQuest mechanics and rewards are subject to change. We are continuously evaluating the progression of the NeftyQuest to ensure it is the most engaging and rewarding for all of the community.




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