The NeftyQuest Begins!

Welcome to the NeftyQuest.

  1. Get Experience Points (XP) by trading and collecting NFTs.
  2. The more Experience Points you get, the more rubies you earn.
  3. Exchange your rubies for valuable NFTs, surprise boxes, and merchandise!
NeftyQuest Leaderboard
  1. How to get Experience Points (XP)?
  • Volume: For every 25 WAX you buy and sell on the NeftyBlocks Marketplace, you earn 100 XP (at least 50 WAXP/week).
  • Quantity: For any NFT you buy and sell, you earn 1 XP (value at least 0.5 WAXP). Update: After week 2 was completed, this has now been updated to 25 XP per trade.
  • Collect NeftyQuest NFTs to double your Experience Points!
  1. 6500 NEFTY
  2. 2600 NEFTY
  3. 1300 NEFTY

Let’s Start Questing Monday the 4th!



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