As you might already know, at NeftyBlocks, the collector experience is always first! Since our initial launch, our goal has been empowering NFT collections and artists with the tools they need to amaze their communities.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the NeftyMarket! A place where collectors can buy and…

We are living exciting times! The $NEFTY token will be live shortly!
So many things are happening, and it may be hard to keep track of what is going on. To help you navigate the NeftyBlocks ecosystem during the upcoming days, we have created a short timeline depicting what will happen…

Cross-Collection packs? What do you mean? What is that?
The $NEFTY Community Sale will take place on August 31st and 6:00 PM UTC. To reward the buyers of the Community Sale, we have created a very unique pack.

What do we mean by a unique pack?
Well, the pack contains…

Finally! After a long wait, self-service pre-minted packs are ready for you to try!

Note: $NEFTY staking level 2 is required to use this feature.

During the next couple of weeks, every collection will be able to configure up to two pre-minted packs on NeftyBlocks!

Let’s go step by step…

One of the cool features of NeftyBlocks is the blends. Until now, blends were only a nice front end for the open source blenderizerx contract.
But collections were constantly asking for more. People wanted to be able to schedule blends, or delivering one NFT as the result of multiple blends.

Artists and collection owners, in general, are always looking for ways to make NFT drops for humans and not for bots.

Currently, they have secure drops to help them achieve this goal.

To further help artists achieve their goals, we have added an extra filtering option to the secure drops…

Wait… these are not Atomic drops… what is going on?

Yes, we did it. We are launching NeftyBlocks drops.

Why? The most important reason to have our drops is that this way we are in control and we can add the features that the collection owners want. …

After a few weeks in Beta, we have been interacting with NeftyBlocks users a lot. A small proportion of our users have experienced some issues, and have some questions when they start using the platform.

In the present article, we compiled the most common issues and questions from collection owners.

As NFT collection owners, we are building a brand. Just like webshop owners, we want to show our audience a branded experience. When they want to buy one of our NFTs in a drop or open a pack, we want them to see our colors. We want them to see…

So, what is a secure drop? And why do you need them?

As a collection owner, you should know that the most critical element of every collection is the community. If you want your collection to grow, you have to take care of the community.

One of the ways of…


Making tools to simplify managing collections on the WAX Blockchain.

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