Project Highlight! At NeftyBlocks, we have always been determined to create value together with the community. We love to support you as much as we love you supporting us. To grow both as a community and as an NFT platform, we encourage creators to integrate the $NEFTY token into their…

NeftyBlocks is all about community, and traditions bring communities together.

With the end of October comes Halloween! And although Betsy is not a Witch but a Wizard, she decided to throw a Halloween party!

Over the last month, a group of 39 amazing new and established creators has been working…

Artists and collection owners, in general, are always looking for ways to make NFT drops for humans and not for bots.

Currently, they have secure drops to help them achieve this goal.

To further help artists achieve their goals, we have added an extra filtering option to the secure drops…

Wait… these are not Atomic drops… what is going on?

Yes, we did it. We are launching NeftyBlocks drops.

Why? The most important reason to have our drops is that this way we are in control and we can add the features that the collection owners want. …


Making tools to simplify managing collections on the WAX Blockchain.

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