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2 min readJul 25, 2022


Easily add a customizable NFT marketplace to your project.

Keeping the community engaged with your NFT project can be challenging. For new people entering the space, browsing NFT marketplaces that offer thousands of NFTs across many different collections can be a daunting experience.

Users are looking for an engaging, frictionless, and smooth NFT buying experience. As such, you do not want to send users away from your project’s website to purchase NFTs.

With our latest release, you can keep users close to you. You can now host an NFT marketplace directly on your project’s website. It takes less than 10-minutes to set it up!

The embedded marketplace offers:

  • A storefront to view what NFTs are part of your project.
  • The ability to buy NFTs directly on the website without ‘tabbing out’.
  • Fully customizable look and feel to fit your project’s brand
  • Search filters to search for the desired NFTs from the collection.
  • Support for multiple wallets that the user can choose from.
  • Data analytics dashboard (Coming soon)

Click here to add a customizable marketplace to your website.

Many creators are already experiencing the benefits of running their own marketplace! Check out some examples :


Digital Ducks:




As you can see, it is highly customizable to fit your branding. Moreover, a data analytics dashboard is in the works which will enable you to track the performance of your NFT collection. Simple and powerful community-driven tools is what we believe in. Running your own marketplace is one of them.

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