Whitelist your Super Blends (How to) | New Feature

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Whitelist: (regarding NFT drops and super blends) :
Only the wallets given permission will have access to your drops and super blends.

Simply put, your WAX wallet address needs to be on the guest list to have access.

How to Whitelist your Super Blend.

Many creators requested the ability to whitelist their “Super Blends”. And we at NeftyBlock just had to oblige. Thank you all for being patient.
Let’s get started.

Login to NeftyBlocks

On the Main Navigation. Click on the “Create” Link

Click on your Collection.

Go to Security Management

Click New Whitelist

Name Your Whitelist. Please use a name that will let you know what this list pertains to. You can even give it the name of your super blend or reference to a specific drop. This is a required field you won’t go further unless your whitelist has a name.

While adding a description is optional, we suggest you use it. Things move fast in the NFT world. And it’s easy to forget why or what you created this whitelist for.

Click Save to complete the step.

On the next page scroll down to the add accounts button.

You can add one account per line so click enter/return after each named enter. Then click the add button.

Click on “GENERATE WHITELIST” button and A whitelist can also be generated based on :
NFT(s) from collection
NFT(s) from template
NFT(s) from schema

Return to your Collections

Click on the Super Blends Button

Create a new Super Blend or Modify a Super Blend. The choice is yours.

Scroll to the bottom where you see “Security”. From the Dropdown menu . Your Whitelist Name with your settings will be available for selection.

And you have successfully added a whitelist to your super blend.

P.S. You can use a whitelist for multiple super blends.

If you have any questions, join our Discord and feel free to ask!

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