When new features? When Tokenomics? An outlook on what is coming.

As we all know 1 year in the real world is 10 years in the NFT space. But no one is getting old yet, because the NFT space on WAX is more alive than ever before! Since we started NeftyBlocks last April, it has been a crazy ride. We have been working tirelessly to provide value to the WAX community, while internally organizing the rapid growth of the NeftyBlocks platform.

The NFT space moves swiftly which makes choosing the right direction challenging. We have come to learn that experimenting, doing things right, and learning from mistakes are inherently part of the NFT revolution that we are grateful to be part of. There is one thing, however, we have always been very confident about; NeftyBlocks is here to stay and we need you along the way. If it wasn’t for you, the loyal NeftyBlockers, all the amazing developments of the past year would not have been possible.

So, what has been going on at NeftyBlocks? Well, we are living in exciting times and have been heads down building many creator features, the NeftyBlocks marketplace, and three major developments to be released in the coming months.

  1. Becoming a WAX Guild
  2. Marketplace Redesign
  3. Revised Tokenomics

While the development of the marketplace redesign is in full swing, there has been little to share publicly. Listening closely to the community and having a fully dedicated team of UI/UX designers and developers on the job, we are aiming to have the initial release ready in January 2022.

The revised tokenomics are a different beast. Our goal is for the NEFTY token to play a fundamental role in the NeftyBlocks platform, giving it utility beyond staking for creator tools, and liquidity mining boosts. You can expect conceptual announcements starting in February. Until then, we are continuing to use and expand the utility of the NEFTY token in its current form.

Lastly, we have worked hard to become a WAX Guild candidate. The continuous user growth within the WAX ecosystem has strengthened our belief that WAX is uniquely positioned to be the blockchain of choice for any NFT enthusiast in the years to come. In the last weeks, we have increased our capacity by adding many new servers and experimenting with new configurations to improve the end-user experience.

We announced our candidacy for WAX Guild and we will be evaluated in the next round expecting to become a top 21 guild soon. We are proud to bring value to the WAX Blockchain through the tools we build and by being part of the blockchain’s capacity.

Going into 2022, we are thankful for all the support and feedback we have received from creators and collectors and we wish you a happy new year!




Making tools to simplify managing collections on the WAX Blockchain.

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Making tools to simplify managing collections on the WAX Blockchain.

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