What is going on at NeftyBlocks?

We are living exciting times! The $NEFTY token will be live shortly!
So many things are happening, and it may be hard to keep track of what is going on. To help you navigate the NeftyBlocks ecosystem during the upcoming days, we have created a short timeline depicting what will happen next. We hope it gives you some clarity!

Tuesday, 31st of August
3:00 PM UTC → Airdrop snapshot (AlpacaWorlds, Betsy, and Early adopters)
6:00 PM UTC → Community Sale starts!

Thursday, 2 September
6:00 PM UTC → Community Sale closes.
6:00 PM UTC → Pack Opening starts!
6:00 PM UTC → Claim airdrop starts! Check if you are elegible!
5:59:59 PM UTC → Alcor pool creation

Tuesday, 7 September
6:00 PM UTC → Staking/Un-staking opens
7:00 PM UTC → Cross-Collection packs blend opens!
8:00 PM UTC → Cross-Collection packs opening starts!

Wednesday, 8 September
6:00 PM UTC → Liquidity Mining Starts!
6:00 PM UTC → All NeftyDrops will be payable with $NEFTY
6:00 PM UTC → Staking required to start using premium features

Wednesday, 15 September
6:00 PM UTC → Claim of first Liquidity Mining rewards.

Many more new things will come next. We will be updating you soon!
As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can find us on Discord!

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