Welcome to NeftyBlocks, Protonions!

3 min readJun 21, 2022


Today, we are opening the doors of NeftyBlocks to the Proton (XPR) community! Staying true to our mission, we are continuing to empower creators and collectors of NFTs all over the world. Along with a strong suite of smart contracts, we are deploying the NeftyBlocks marketplace and NeftyBlocks creator tools onto the Proton Blockchain (XPR).

Now live on Proton!

  • Create NFT Drops.
  • Buy and list NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Support for multiple payment tokens (xUSDC, XPR, xBTC, xUSDC, xETH, & more)
  • View collection pages.
  • View your NFTs.
  • Transfer NFTs across wallets.
  • Transfer tokens across wallets.


Proton Creators.

To get started as a creator, make sure you fully complete the Proton wallet KYC process. Once you have completed the process, you can start creating, buying, and selling drops using the NeftyBlocks creator tools. Use the proton testnet to try all the features that are available to you before minting on Proton mainnet.

Don’t have a wallet yet? Click here to create a Proton Wallet

NEFTY Token.

The NEFTY token is the NeftyBlocks platform token live on WAX. We aim to bring the utility of the NEFTY token on WAX to Proton. We plan to start by providing a centralized bridge service for any blockchain that we are expanding to. The details of NEFTY on Proton are in the early stage and still being defined.

Why launch on Proton (XPR)?

At NeftyBlocks we are dedicated to empowering creators and collectors all over the world. We are actively broadening our horizons by deploying our tools on blockchains that are suitable for NFTs. The Proton and WAX smart contract code is based on the same ultra-fast EOSIO dPOS model. This model makes these chains ideal for NFTs, gaming, Defi, and social applications. Proton offers the transaction speed and low costs that the NeftyBlocks family is used to. On top of that, Proton supports universal wallet names, integrated identity verification (KYC), and supports many different wrapped tokens. This allows NFT creators to accept XPR, stable coins like xUSDC and xUSDT, or any other supported cryptocurrency (xBTC, xETH , etc.) as payment for drops.

About NeftyBlocks

NeftyBlocks is an end-to-end solution to create, drop, and trade NFTs. We started as a small team creating AlpacaWorlds, an early-days NFT collection on the WAX Blockchain. We learned a lot, met beautiful people, and had a great time growing the community. Our excited dev team realized that there were many limitations. For regular humans, it was very difficult and expensive to get started. We set out to build a graphical interface to make NFT drops easy and built a convenient marketplace for secondary sales. That is how NeftyBlocks was born. Since then, NeftyBlocks empowers creators and collectors of NFTs from around the world.

Time to start!

Start buying, selling, and creating NFTs on Proton below






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