Verifications and Proton support

2 min readDec 28, 2022


Dear NeftyBlocks fam,

We have two important announcements for you.


We have concluded that the verification system we have in place is adding little or no value to NFT collectors. For this reason, we have decided to stop with verifications from January 1st onwards.

This means we won’t be issuing new green badges for creators anymore.

Collectors will still see the badges on the NeftyBlocks website for a few weeks while we phase them out and come up with a way to showcase any collection, verified or not.

While we come up with a new verification system, we ask you to rely on the atomic verification badges.

On the positive side, all the NeftyBlocks tools will be open to collections regardless of their verification status.

Proton support

Although we were very enthusiastic about launching NeftyBlocks on Proton we realize that the Proton community is not using our tools as much as we anticipated. Running NeftyBlocks on Proton is not profitable under the current market conditions. For this reason, we decided to stop supporting the Proton blockchain as of January 15 2023.

Both of those decisions weren’t easy. But we believe it is in the best interest of the community as it will allow us to focus on activities that add more value to our users.

We hope you understand our reasons. Thank you for your support.




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