Three Questions with Taco About “Brigade”

2 min readMay 5, 2022


Welcome to “Three Questions”. Where we ask an NFT Creator three questions before their next release.

This week’s guest will be with Taco Universe about their game Brigade.

01. What is Brigade?

Brigade is the Free to Play, Play to Earn of the Taco Universe.

The goal is to create a new and easy access point for any Taco/WAX user, to start developing their position in WAX and get to know not only the whole project but also the NFT world.

Brigade is one of the first Free to Earn playable both on Desktop or App, and it doesn’t require anything to be played.

However, you can improve your experience in Brigade by using Equipment to increase your mining chances (Power) and chances to win NFTs (Luck).

Brigade Guide

02. Free to Play? Seriously… (Tell me why you decided — Free to Play) and break down Free to Play.

Taco is such an articulate Web3 ecosystem, and because of this, we have decided to create a system without any barrier which acts as an entry point for any WAX player. Earn fo Free, is there something better?

03. What is the reason you named your Universe..”Taco”?

Taco is a community project which interacts with all the other WAX DApps, Games , and Creators. It’s intended to be a “wrapper” of all the other communities, and tacos are the best wrappers in the world!

Brigade Guide:




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