The new NeftyBlocks drops

Wait… these are not Atomic drops… what is going on?

Yes, we did it. We are launching NeftyBlocks drops.

Why? The most important reason to have our drops is that this way we are in control and we can add the features that the collection owners want. The features that you want.

So what are the immediate benefits of using NeftyBlocks drops?

The first I can think of is that your collection drops will be shown on your NeftyBlocks collection site. Collectors will have an easy way of finding all your active drops.

Is that it? Well… no. We are also introducing pre-minted drops. What does that mean? That means that bots will no longer be able to claim mint #1. NFTs sold in the drop are pre-minted and added to a pool.

When a user claims the drop the smart contract picks a random NFT and delivers it.

People with slow internet connections have now a fair chance of getting low mints too.

Do NeftyBlocks drops offer the same options that Atomic offers? Mostly yes. At the moment I can only think of two limitations. Drops backed with tokens are not supported yet and, when creating secure drops, we don’t support the use of Captcha.

So… what will happen to Atomic drops? For the time being, we will continue supporting them.

But let’s get to the best part: how do I create a NeftyBlocks drop?

On your collection management page you can see two drop options:

  • Manage Atomic Drops
  • Manage Drops

Use the Manage Drops option to create a NeftyBlocks drop. After pressing the NEW DROP button, you will see a form almost identical to the one you have been using to create drops.

The main difference is the Pre-minted checkbox that you can see on the top left corner of the form.

If you want to create a regular drop just do it as you have been doing it with NeftyBlocks since we launched.

But if you want to create a pre-minted drop there is something you need to do before creating the drop.

Go to the collection management page and select the Drop Pools option.

But… wait… what is a Drop Pool and why do I need one?

Well, Drop Pools are NFT containers that hold the NFTs that will be available in a drop. For pre-minted drops, having a drop pool is mandatory.

Select the Add to Pool option.

Let’s dive into the pool creation. Select the Schema and the Template that you want to add to the pool. You should see a list of assets that have been minted using this template.

If you don’t see anything, don’t worry. You can mint NFTs from this screen.

Specify the number of NFTs to mint and press the MINT button. Note that you can mint a maximum of 150 NFTs at a time. If you want to mint more than that you must repeat the process multiple times.

Wait… I just minted 150 NFTs but… nothing changed! What is going on?

Well, you have to press the REFRESH button. And you’ll see the NFTs you just minted.

You are minting NFTs here! Remember that you need to have RAM using the Drops RAM option (not the Atomic Drops RAM).

Note that the mint numbers will be shown as 0 while the Atomic API returns the mint numbers.

And now what? Now you have to add the NFTs you minted to the Drop pool. To do it, scroll to the bottom of the table and select the All option for the Rows per page.

Then, check the box on the first line of the table to select all the NFTs. The ADD SELECTED option should be active now.

After signing the transaction, the NFTs are added to the pool and you should see the Current pool size updated.

Now that your Drop pool is ready, you can start configuring the drop.

Go back to the drops page and press the NEW DROP button.

Select the pre-minted option and then configure the drop just like any other drop created with NeftyBlocks.

If you are new to NeftyBlocks please check the article How to make an atomic assets drop the easy way.

And that’s it! Now, follow the link to the drop page.

And check it out!

How cool is that? Your drop in your customized collection page!

If you are promoting more that one drop just add the drop ids to the drop page URL using a + to separate them.

And of course, the big question… does this cost something? Yes, just like Atomic drops, the NeftyBlocks drops take a 2% fee from the sale price. So for you as a collection owner there is no difference.

Try out the NeftyBlocks drop! Join our telegram group and let us know what you think!