The first ever Cross-Collection pack is here!

2 min readAug 25, 2021

Cross-Collection packs? What do you mean? What is that?
The $NEFTY Community Sale will take place on August 31st and 6:00 PM UTC. To reward the buyers of the Community Sale, we have created a very unique pack.

What do we mean by a unique pack?
Well, the pack contains NFTs from 23 awesome collections from the WAX ecosystem. This pack is like a big collab!

The participating collections are Ultra Rare, AlpacaWorlds, ElementBlobs, YoshiDrops, UpliftWorld, NFT Stonkers, Blockchain Heroes, Arata Digital, Cheesman Artworks, Starcards!, ImposterPunks, CryptoMoonie, Galaktika, Corporate World, Anyobservation, Kenn Bosak, HodlGod, Alex Artworks, VirtualDream, ExitLimbo, CryptoMonkeys, POPCORP, Powerful Xtra Card and Gnome Series!

But there is more! The NFTs on the Cross-Collection packs are not part of UncutNefties. The NFTs are native to the collection that created them!
That means that if the NFTs from the collections are stakeable or usable in a WAX game, you will be able to use them there!

Each pack will contain 3 NFTs plus the possibility of getting the second Golden Betsy worth 32,000 $NEFTY! Want to check out the contents? Take a look at collab.nefty!

So how can you get one of these packs?
The first step is getting an $NEFTY Pioneer Pass.
The $NEFTY Pioneer Pass is one of the pre-requisites to get a Cross-Collection pack.
And how can you get one? Simple! Join the telegram or discord of the participating collections and get further instructions from them! Each collection received 500 passes to share with their communities.

What else should I do? Support NeftyBlocks by buying one of the packs from our Community Sale on August 31st.

Only that? Yes, only that. Seven days after the $NEFTY Community Sale, a Super Blend to get the Cross-Collection pack will open on UncutNefties.

One Betsy from the Community Sale (Collector, Artist, or Whale) + one $NEFTY Pioneer Pass are the ingredients for the Super Blend.

There will be a big banner to get there on NeftyBlocks’ home page.

The $NEFTY Pioneer Pass Super Blend will be open a week after the $NEFTY Community Sale, on September the 7th at 7:00 PM UTC.

But you must be fast! There are much fewer Cross-Collection packs than $NEFTY Pioneer Passes!

If you have any questions, join our Discord and feel free to ask!




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