Self-Service Pre-minted Packs on NeftyBlocks?

6 min readAug 21, 2021

Finally! After a long wait, self-service pre-minted packs are ready for you to try!

Note: $NEFTY staking level 2 is required to use this feature.

During the next couple of weeks, every collection will be able to configure up to two pre-minted packs on NeftyBlocks!

Let’s go step by step over the configuration!

Pre-minted packs configuration requires four steps:

  1. Plan your pack and release
  2. Mint the NFTs for the pack content
  3. Fill the pre-minted pools
  4. Configure the packs
  5. Create a drop to sell your pack

Let’s talk about the most important step: planning. Before embarking on the pack configuration, you have to think about what do you want to achieve. How do you want collectors to perceive your pack release? Will it be something scarce with people fighting each other to get a hold on one of your packs? Or will it be easy to obtain one? How big is your audience? Are you planning to organize some Super Blends using the pack content? How will those blends affect the supply of each NFT?
You can also incentivize pack opening by including minted on-demand NFTs.

So go to the drawing board and start planning! And don’t forget that promoting your drop is as important as the content and the collector experience! So go to influencers, write blogs, tweet! Get as noisy as you can! Organize giveaways!

Sounds good! Right? But what are the steps to follow?

  1. Define the total pack supply
  2. Define how many NFTs will the pack contain
  3. Define the odds of getting NFTs per rarity
  4. Check how many NFTs you have for each rarity. Do the supplies per rarity make sense?
  5. Define which NFTs can be delivered in each slot. Will all slots be the same? Will some slots have better chances of obtaining certain cards?
  6. Define which cards will be pre-minted and which ones minted on demand.

And here goes some good advice: configure everything on the test network first! Open as many packs as possible. And adjust the odds as needed. Are you having fun while opening packs? Then you are ready to replicate the configuration on the main net.

Sounds like a lot of work? You are right. Successful releases require hard work. But delighting users is extremely rewarding and makes up for the required effort.

Note: Keep in mind that opening a pack consumes CPU. There is a hard limit of 60 NFTs per pack.

Is your plan ready? If so, you can move on to the next step: Mint the NFTs for the pack content.

Go to the Manage Collections tab on NeftyBlocks and find the Mint Assets option.

Select the Mint Assets option, and you will be redirected to a page where you can select templates filtering by their schema.

Find the asset you want to mint, and press the mint button. You will see a popup where you can specify the number of NFTs to mint.

Enter the number of assets to mint and press the Mint button. You might have to sign multiple transactions.

Note: Minting NFTs is a CPU-intensive operation and also consumes RAM. Make sure you have staked enough WAX to CPU. And when I say enough, I mean add a lot more than what you think you’ll need. Remember that you can recover the WAX you stake to CPU. The WAX added to pay for the RAM is not recoverable.

Now that you have minted the NFTs, you can move to the next step: Fill the pre-minted pools.

Press the Pre-minted packs’ option on the Manage Collection tab.

You will be redirected to a screen with two tabs: one to manage packs and one to manage pre-minted pools. Choose the pre-minted pools tab.

You will be redirected to the pool management screen. There you can select an existing pool by typing its name. If the name doesn’t match any existing pool, a new pool gets created.

You can fill a pool with NFTs from as many templates as you want, filtering by their schema. At the moment creating one pool per rarity is the recommended approach. Doing it in a different way can lead to unpredictable results.


Press the Add Assets to Pool button. Note that when adding NFTs to a pool, all the minted assets from each template are added. Again, this is a CPU-intensive operation. So be prepared!

This is how the pools will appear:

When all the pools have been filled, you are ready to start with the pack configuration!

Go to the Pre-minted packs’ screen, and press the New Pack button.

Select the pack template and enter the name and description. Note that the pack template MUST be a template with a limited supply.

As usual, you can define the pack opening date and time, as well as the pack opening video.

But let’s get to the most interesting part: configuring the pack slots.

Press the Add Slots button. You will see a pop-up where you can choose whether the NFTs from this slot will come from a pool or if they will be minted on demand.

After choosing the type of slot that you want, you can start configuring it.

When the slot content comes from a pool you can add as many pools as you want and set the desired odds.

When the slot content is minted on-demand, you can add as many templates as you want.

In both cases, you can add an ‘Empty result’ entry.

See the following sample configuration for a pack with 4 slots. The first 3 slots have 75% chance of delivering an NFT from the commonpool and 25% chance of delivering an NFT from the rarepool.

The second slot has 1% chance of delivering a minted on demand NFT and 99% of delivering nothing.

Press the create button and you are almost done!

Note: The pools must have enough pre-minted assets to fulfill your configuration rules. Otherwise, you will get errors and won’t be able to create the pack.

Now that the pack is configured you are ready for the last technical step: Create a NeftyDrop for your pack. In case you don’t know how to do it already check our tutorial on creating a drop.

I hope you enjoy creating pre-minted packs! If you have any questions join our discord!




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