Redeemable NFTs are live.

2 min readOct 26, 2022

Having physical merchandise as part of NFT collections is booming! We are seeing many creators who are interested in offering physical assets as part of their NFT collections.

Starting today, we are offering redeemable NFT configurations to creators on the WAX Blockchain. We are making it possible to attach a unique code to NFTs from your collection. This way we can bridge the gap between the physical and digital world.

Redeemable NFTs?

It is simple. Every redeemable NFT on NeftyBlocks has a unique code tied to it. When you redeem an NFT, a code is revealed and sent to an email address that you provide. Depending on how the creator of the NFT collection has configured it, you can use this code to get physical items! For example, it could be used to purchase an item in online stores (e.g. Shopify, Redbubble, Etsy…). The codes can be used at any online store that accepts discount codes in the payment process. Moreover, codes can be used to gain access to exclusive content, or as a claim to physical artwork by an independent artist. The list goes on.

Are you a creator wanting to add redeemable NFTs? Let’s get in touch to get started with a configuration suitable for your needs.

Time to redeem NeftyQuest NFTs!

If you participated in the NeftyQuest Season 1, you may have Bruxo NFTs in your NFT collection. Now, you can finally redeem them for physical merchandise. Start by navigating to the ‘Redeemable’ tab in the ‘My NFTs’ section. Then, click ‘redeem’ and provide your email address. Use the code that has been sent to your mail to get a 100% discount on merchandise (Shipping costs & taxes excluded).

Done! You will receive your exclusive merchandise right at your doorstep! Excited yet?

Click HERE to get to the NeftyBlocks Store.

NeftyQuest Shirt

NeftyBlocks Merchandise Store.

We have added much more cool NeftyBlocks merchandise to the NeftyBlocks Store, all available for purchase with dirty fiat. You can show your support by buying Official NeftyBlocks merchandise. We cannot wait to see what you got!

Let’s get in touch!

To learn how we can configure redeemable NFTs for your collection, join our Discord! Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and check out our Youtube for short tutorial videos!




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