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3 min readDec 6, 2022


TLDR: Unique Betsy avatars are coming to NeftyBlocks. The pack sale goes live on December 15th, 8 PM UTC. Collect as many accessories as you can. Your Betsy avatar is fully customizable and soon bridgeable to Ethereum. LFG!

Drop live! Get your Betsy here.

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When you go shopping, do you buy an outfit that you intend to wear for the rest of your life? That’s right! You want to express yourself differently all the time.

On December 15th at 8 PM UTC, we are releasing a cutting-edge PFP project on WAX. We are giving you the opportunity to create customizable Betsy avatars. Mix-and-match accessories of our beloved Betsy the Wizard using a brand-new avatar builder.

Once you are happy with your avatar's style, you can set your Betsy as your profile picture on NeftyBlocks! Collect accessories and equip/unequip them as you see fit. Some accessories are extremely rare.

Getting started

Betsy packs hit the market on December 15th at 8 PM UTC. You need a Starter pack to start building your avatar.

Starter PackBase Betsy and 2 accessories

Small Accessory pack (Series #1) — 3 random accessories

Large Accessory pack (Series #1) — 7 random accessories

Whale Accessory pack (Series #1) 25 random accessories

Time to customize!

There are 10,000 Starter Packs available. A Starter Pack retails for $4,99 and contains a Base Betsy. A small accessory pack is priced at $4,99. A large accessory pack is priced at $9,99.

The Whale pack is chock-full of accessories and is available for $29,99. The Whale Accessory Pack provides the best value per accessory, but there are only 1000 of them available.

Collect Unique Accessories

A Betsy has 7 different item slots with crypto-related accessory themes. Some accessories have a special version and are extremely rare. Over time, more accessories will be released. Every series of accessories will only be released once. Stay tuned for more teasers!

Want a special? Pray to the RNG gods!

Will you be able to create a complete version of Golden Betsy?

Extremely rare Golden Betsy

Lock your Betsy

To claim your customized Betsy avatar as truly yours, you can lock your Betsy. After you lock your avatar, a one-of-one version of your Betsy is minted to your wallet.

Betsy avatars can only be locked ONCE! This guarantees that you are the proud owner of your unique one-of-one Betsy NFT. No one else can lock a Betsy Avatar with the same accessories equipped as you.

Important: You can not unlock a Betsy. When you lock a Betsy, you can also no longer equip or unequip accessories from your locked Betsy.

Betsy on Twitter!

One of the greatest appeals for profile picture NFTs is that you can prove ownership of the NFT and use them on Twitter. After the initial release on December 15th, we are building out an Ethereum bridge for locked Betsy avatars. As the WAX community, we will take crypto Twitter by storm!

Let’s show the world what NFTs on WAX are capable of. Let’s take over the world of PFPs!

Get ready.

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