NEW: All Features Now Available Without Staking

2 min readJan 5, 2023

Dear NeftyBlocks fam,

A big change coming to our platform that we want to share with you. All features that previously required a staking level are now available to all users without any staking level.

The key to growing the WAX blockchain ecosystem is for us all to work together toward bringing in new users. With all the recent controversy in the community, it’s more important than ever that we focus on the common goal of making the WAX ecosystem the most welcoming and accessible web3 ecosystem to be in!

This is the start of a major pivot to how the NeftyBlocks Marketplace operates. The NEFTY token is at the core of these changes, and together we will shape the future of the NeftyBlocks Marketplace & creator tools. We’re ready to pivot and make changes to make web3 the best it can be for everyone.

While all of our features are now available without staking, the discount levels on banners and custom services that you can book with NEFTY on our platform will still be based on your staking level.

All creators staking NEFTY are free to unstake it, although we will be announcing something big in the upcoming days that might make you want to stake even more instead. By staking NEFTY, you still earn 25% of the secondary market fees generated on the marketplace.

We value your support and the sense of community within NeftyBlocks, and we hope this change will encourage even more of you and your friends to start creating NFT collections and help shape the future of our marketplace & tools.

Thank you for supporting our vision and making the decentralized web a better place for all.

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