NeftyQuest update #1

The first weeks of the NeftyQuest have kicked off and we are having a blast! Already more than 1600 of you have claiming daily NFTs and working your way towards the weekly rewards. But we are just getting started..

Raffle Time.

After last week’s NeftyQuest, some NEFTY has been left haunting the air… and only you, who claimed the Halloweek’s Sunday blend can claim it.

We are raffling away 10K NEFTY! Open the Halloweek NeftyQuest Chest(s) you got from playing last week no later than Wednesday the 9th at 12pm UTC to become eligible for the NeftyQuest Raffle.

Gotta open these bad boys

The raffle will be posted on Discord and winners will be revealed at 2pm UTC this wednesday. Keep playing this week’s NeftyQuest to become eligible for more and more activities.

Begone, Pioneer Pass!

This weeks reward will not only require a saturday NFT. As part of this weeks reward, you need to blend a pioneer pass together with your Saturday NFT.

A relic from ancient times

The pioneer pass was used as whitelist NFT in 2021. Gotta dig deep in your inventory to see if you still have one! You don’t? No worries, you can easily get them on the secondary market:

Click here to get a pioneer pass

Getting involved as a creator.

The goal of the NeftyBlocks is to support creators in bringing their NFTs in front of many, while creating a fun and engaging experience for all collectors of our platform. In the following weeks, we start involving NFTs from creators that the community will be eager to collect. The NFTs will be part of the tasks and rewards of the NeftyQuest. Naturally, premium pass holders will always get even more awesome rewards!

What are you waiting for? Time to start playing the NeftyQuest.

Click here to play the NeftyQuest.

Let’s get in touch.

To learn more, join our Discord. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and check out our Youtube for short tutorial videos.



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