NEFTY Token Burn — Event #1

2 min readJun 28, 2022


Goodmorning NeftyFam!

Big news for all holders of the NeftyBlocks platform token (NEFTY). In accordance with our tokenomics, we burn all NEFTY tokens coming from services paid for with NEFTY. This is a deflationary policy for the NEFTY token. Currently, the token deflation comes from payments for NeftyBlocks banners.

Based on the first period of NEFTY banner payments (March 4, 2022 — June 28th, 2022), we have burned 800,000 NEFTY. This is equal to 2.5% of the circulating supply. NEFTY tokens just got much scarcer! The burn record is public on the blockchain.

  • Total NEFTY burned: 800,000 NEFTY
  • Circulating Supply: 31,795,180 NEFTY
  • Staked supply: 11,022,396 NEFTY
  • Pooled supply: 2,814,992 NEFTY
  • Max Supply: 100,000,000 NEFTY

Burn Transaction ID:

Token Details:

How to earn rewards using NeftyBlocks.

There are 3 ways to earn rewards on NeftyBlocks.

  1. Stake NEFTY to earn WAXP (shared secondary market fees).
  2. Farm NEFTY by providing liquidity to the NEFTY/WAX pool.
  3. Earn NEFTY by buying, and selling NFTs on NeftyBlocks.

As you already know, we are dedicated to growing together with you, the community. Giving back to the people who help us grow is in our DNA. We want to thank all creators, traders, and NEFTY token holders for their strong support. Let’s make it count!

Check here if you have unclaimed rewards:

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