NEFTY is coming to TACO Swap!

3 min readSep 20, 2022


Earn incredible rewards by providing NEFTY/WAXP liquidity.

Good news for all of our supporters holding the NeftyBlocks platform token (NEFTY). Providing liquidity to the NEFTY/WAXP pool will become even more rewarding. We are thrilled to announce that we will be moving the NEFTY/WAXP liquidity pool from the Alcor Exchange to Taco Swap. Starting October 4th, you will also earn TACO tokens for providing liquidity to the pool.

Taco x NeftyBlocks — A great match!

There is a long-standing and fruitful relationship between the TACO and NeftyBlocks teams. Our teams share a vision of being the most innovative players in the NFT space and advancing the NFT ecosystem as a whole. Working closely together, Taco Swap opens the door to add additional value to the NEFTY token by using the cutting-edge TACO Swap DEX (Decentralized exchange)!

Liquidity pool

On October 4th, we will move the NEFTY/WAXP liquidity pool from the Alcor contract to the Taco Swap contract. From that date on, the WAXP and NEFTY tokens that you have provided to the pool are stored and secured by the Taco Swap smart contract. Built by one of the strongest teams in the WAX ecosystem, the TACO Swap contract is a more advanced and flexible version of Alcor.


As part of the current tokenomics, liquidity providers are already receiving a share of 80,000 NEFTY per week. Now, we are adding additional TACO token rewards. Just like before, you earn these rewards in proportion to the share of the liquidity pool that you own.

NEFTY/WAXP liquidity rewards:

  • 80,000 NEFTY tokens every week
  • 100 TACO tokens every day for 4 months (New!)

We have made it as easy as it can get. Are you already providing liquidity to the NEFTY/WAXP pool, and staking your LP tokens on NeftyBlocks? Then you do not need to do anything. You can soon start claiming TACO rewards daily on the NeftyBlocks rewards page. The process of adding or removing liquidity from the NEFTY/WAXP pool stays the same as well. To add or remove tokens from the liquidity pool, simply navigate to the ‘Provide Liquidity’ section on the NeftyBlocks rewards page.


If you do not want your funds to be secured by Taco Swap, you should remove your liquidity before October 4th on the NeftyBlocks rewards page.

But wait.. there is more!

On September 22nd at 15:00 UTC we are going to host a Twitter Space together with the Taco team. Fede (CEO Taco) & Juan (CEO NeftyBlocks) are going to talk about our partnership, Taco Swap, the upcoming Unconference, WAX blockchain, and the global NFT industry. You don’t want to miss this!

> Click here for a recording of the Twitter Space.

We are ready to answer your questions as they come up. Do you have any questions regarding your liquidity? Follow the URLs below to chat with us.

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