Introducing branded open pages for packs

As NFT collection owners, we are building a brand. Just like webshop owners, we want to show our audience a branded experience. When they want to buy one of our NFTs in a drop or open a pack, we want them to see our colors. We want them to see our collection logo. We want them to see the NFTs they own from our collection in a branded environment.

Today we are taking the first step in that direction. NeftyBlocks introduces branded pages.

With branded pages, you can customize the theme of the site where collectors interact with your collection.

Now, when your collection fans are going to open a pack, they will do it on a page with your logo, a banner that you can choose, and the colors of your collection.

If you are the owner of a collection and you visit the ‘Inventory Page’ of your collection, you will see a cog on the upper right side of the page.

Press the cog and a form that allows you to customize the appearance of the page will appear.

There, you can enter the IPFS hash or URL for a custom banner. You can also specify the color to use for the top bar and the navigation bar on the left side of the page, and you can specify the color of the font used on the different parts of the page.

The banner that you select for your branded page will be centered at the top of the page and will try to use 100% of the available space. The size of the banner will be dynamically adjusted when the browser gets resized. The ideal size of the banner image is 1280 x 200 px.

With these features, you can start customizing the looks of your open pack page! We will be adding more customization options soon.

Remember that you can go to the test network to try out everything before implementing it in the main net.

As always, don’t forget to join our Discord and give us as much feedback as you can!

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