How to make an Atomic Assets drop the easy way

A few weeks ago, together with a friend, we started a collection on the WAX Blockchain. It has been an amazing experience! We have learned a lot, we have met beautiful people, and are having a great time growing our collection and our audience.

We have also realised that even if WAX is an awesome blockchain for NFTs, the tools that are available for collection owners are still very limited, and there is a lot to do to make things easier for them, especially for those who do not have a technical background.
Having to interact directly with smart contracts, adding JSON, and converting dates to epochs is not for everyone.

To make things easier for ourselves, we started developing a set of tools to help us with the distribution of NFTs.
Initially, those were command-line tools. And for us, as techies that is ok. And we quickly realised that we could help others by building a graphical interface to make drop creation easier.
That is how Nefty Blocks was born!

But enough with the story. Let’s get to what matters: How to make an Atomic Assets drop without tears and pain.

We will assume that you already have a collection, a schema, and a template and you have an account with the necessary permissions.

If your account hasn’t given the contracts used to create drops the necessary permissions, don’t worry. NeftyBlocks will notify you and will do everything that is needed for you. You’ll just have to sign a transaction.

Step 1. Visit and login with your WAX wallet.

Step 2. Navigate to Manage Collections

and select the collection for which you want to create a drop.

click Manage Nefty drops

Step 3. Press the New Drop button

You will see a form where you can specify the drop information.

Step 4. Add Assets to your drop

Using the Add Asset option, you can add one or multiple assets to your drop. Although most of the time you might only want to add one asset. Keep in mind that it is possible to add many.

When adding an asset, you have to select the Schema and the Template that you plan to use.

Step 5. Fill in the drop Display Data

First, fill in the display data. That is the name your followers will see and a description for the drop. The description supports markdown for styling, and once you have filled it in, you can use the preview function to verify how it will look once it is published.

Step. 6 Fill in the drop Pricing

Here is where you define which currency will be used to price the drop. Currently, you can select that the drop will be FREE, or that the price is specified in USD, WAX, or DUST. When you select anything different than FREE, the price input will be enabled.
You also see a Price recipient field. There you have to specify who is going to receive the proceedings of the sales of the drop. By default it is filled with the account you logged in with. You can change it if you want the proceedings of the sale to go to a different account.

Step 7. Specify the drop Limits

In the drop limits, you can specify the drop size using the Max claimable field. You can also specify how many NFTs can be claimed per account using the Account limit field. And finally, you can specify if there is a cool-down period (in seconds) to be able to claim again. By default, it is set to zero. That means there is no cool-down period.

Step 8. Schedule your drop

It is now time to define the start and end date and time for your drop.
You can use our convenient date and time pickers without worrying about converting dates to seconds!
If your drop is not time-constrained, leave the end date empty and the drop will be available while the supply lasts.

Step 9. Optionally make your drop secure

By checking the Secure drop option, you specify that this drop will require whitelisting or a private key to participate. I will show you how to manage those after creating the drop.

Step 10. Create the drop.

Ok, this is the final step. Press the create button and sign the transaction, and if everything was correctly specified your drop should be there!

And you can see the resulting drop in NeftyBlocks

If you want to create a private key for this drop go back to Nefty Blocks, press the key icon and add a key or a captcha to your drop.

Generate a key.

After pressing the Add button, sign the transaction and copy the drop link. You can share this link in your telegram or discord channel, and only your community members will be able to claim this NFT!

Alternatively, you can manage a whitelist with the WAX addresses that are enabled to claim this NFT!

We are very excited about the release of Nefty Blocks. We don’t want to be among those who only complain about things not being the way we want.

We are taking action and sharing with the community the tools that are making our lives easier!

Try it out! Join our telegram group and give us as much feedback as possible so that we can improve our current tools and get ideas on what to build next!

Making tools to simplify managing collections on the WAX Blockchain.