How to create a secure drop for your NFTs

4 min readApr 2, 2021

So, what is a secure drop? And why do you need them?

As a collection owner, you should know that the most critical element of every collection is the community. If you want your collection to grow, you have to take care of the community.

One of the ways of showing that you care for them is by organizing fair drops. Drops where community members have a fair chance of getting low mints and not being front-run by bots.

NeftyBlocks offers three ways of helping you to achieve it:

  • whitelisting
  • private key
  • captcha

You might argue that the current mechanisms are not sufficiently effective. And I agree. But being what is currently available, let’s learn how to make use of them.

We will first explore whitelisting. When adding a whitelist to a drop, only the WAX addresses that have been added to the whitelist will be able to participate in the drop.

Securing a drop using NeftyBlocks is only a matter of checking the ‘Secure drop’ option when creating a drop. Note that if you create a secure drop, you can not un-secure it later.

When a drop is marked as secure, you can see the manage whitelist and manage keys icons in the drop.

If you click on the Manage whitelist option, you will be redirected to a screen where you can add or remove WAX addresses from the whitelist.

Note that every time you add or remove addresses you have to sign a transaction.

Although whitelisting is a very effective way of limiting who can participate in a drop, it can also be very time-consuming.

That brings us to explore other options. Like drops with a private key. We have successfully used this technique with our collection. When we use it, we announce in our telegram group that there will be a drop at a pre-specified time. A few minutes before the drop opening time, we share the link with the private key in the group. That way, only the active community members have access to the drop.

To configure drops with a private key, select the Manage keys option in the drop.

You will see there the two main options for drops with keys: Private keys and Captcha.

We will focus on the private key first. NeftyBlocks allows you to add multiple keys. For each key you can define a limit, that defines the number of times this key can be used to claim an asset. You can also specify a cool-down time for the key. That is if you want the key to become active again after some time.

In the previous example, I configured a key that can be used 10 times and then becomes useless.

Each time you add a key, NeftyBlocks will provide you with a link to the drop that includes the private key. You must copy that link and store it in a safe place as there is no way to re-create the link. If you lose the link you will have to create a new key for the drop. Share this link with your community so that they can participate in the drop.

Finally, we will explore the captcha option.

In the same way that you add a key to a drop, you can add a captcha, with the difference that the captcha can only be added once.

By pressing the Add Captcha button you will enable the captcha for the drop.

I hope that the options shared in this article will help you create secure drops to increase the engagement of the community.

If you have any questions or comments, join our Telegram group! We’ll be glad to hear from you and learn how we can help you to make your collection a bigger success!




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