Eternalize your Betsy!

2 min readJan 16, 2023


More exciting news, Betsy community! We’ve had a good start, having sold over 500 Betsys and continuing to grow our community together. We’ve released a leaderboard to give you bragging rights for owning a Betsy with rare accessories and trade-up and re-roll blends for those in pursuit of the #1 spot! Moreover, we have had a great community call and an ongoing conversation in our exclusive Betsy Holder channel to hear your feedback and opinions.

Are you ready to take your customized Betsy design to the next level and make it truly one-of-a-kind? Then it is time for you to eternalize your Betsy on the!

By locking your design on, you’ll create a one-of-one Eternal Betsy that will be minted straight to your wallet. You have to act quickly.. once a Betsy design is locked, it’s locked for good, and no one can lock and mint the same design. Your design remains truly unique!

Time to eternalize!

Minting an Eternal Betsy comes at a small cost. As a Betsy holder, you understand the importance of having a truly unique and exclusive design. By eternalizing a Betsy design, you know for sure that no one else will be able to eternalize that same design, giving you the sense of ownership and pride to hold strong onto your Eternal Betsy!

Less is more!

An Eternal Betsy NFT is your ticket to enter the exciting world of the Polygon ecosystem, as the upcoming bridge will allow you to bridge Eternal Betsys. Show off your unique NFT to the world by using it as your profile picture on social media in supported countries, hold onto it, or trade it with other collectors on marketplaces like Opensea!

Please note that once you have locked your Betsy, you will no longer be able to add or remove any accessories. Also, Locking your Betsy design requires a small amount of NEFTY, and the cost will become more expensive if you have less than 2 accessories equipped.

Are you as excited as we are? Jump right into the Betsy community channel and let’s chat!

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