Dangerously fast. The Gutter.

Score the best deals on the fastest marketplace on WAX.

2 min readSep 12, 2022

The WAX Blockchain is blazingly fast. We’re talking 8,000 real-world transactions per second. But who takes the most advantage of that fantastic feature? Bots.

Bots keep beating us regular humans when it comes to getting the best deals. After popular collections drop NFTs (e.g. Funko packs), you barely have a chance of getting good deals on the secondary market. No longer!

Welcome to The Gutter!

The Gutter is the wild west of NFT marketplaces on WAX. Any NFT listings across all WAX-powered secondary markets show up FIRST on The Gutter.

But..proceed at your own risk. There are no whitelisting rules, instant purchases, and automated buy orders. Above all: it's blazingly fast.

It’s all about speed here, no compromises.

  • Instant-buy
    When you click the buy button, you are instantly buying the NFT. We are giving you a chance to score the best deals at your own risk: no purchase confirmations and no refunds.
  • Auto-Buy
    Using this feature, you instantly and automatically buy NFTs (‘sniping’) off the market. You are now serious competition for bots and other players in The Gutter. Auto buying is risky. You may lose your WAX if you misconfigure the maximum price you are willing to spend per NFT.
  • No whitelists
    Any NFT that is listed shows up, including non-whitelisted collections. Whitelisted collections have a green “Whitelisted” label. Any other collection may be fake. You are responsible for your own safety.
  • CPU usage
    You are in the gutter boy! You pay for CPU, not because we don’t want to, but to save you 0,3 seconds on every transaction.
  • Fastest marketplace on WAX
    You can buy NFTs first and in real-time before anyone else can. New NFT sales across all WAX marketplaces show up the millisecond they’re listed.

Are you using Anchor? Then you still have to sign transactions to confirm your purchases. You can enable auto-signing transactions using the WAX cloud wallet without any further purchase confirmations.

Do you want to get packs immediately after they have dropped? Can you click faster than a bot can blink its Robo-eyes? Then The Gutter is for you. Risk it for the biscuit!

Click here to go to The Gutter

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