Common challenges that users of NeftyBlocks have encountered

After a few weeks in Beta, we have been interacting with NeftyBlocks users a lot. A small proportion of our users have experienced some issues, and have some questions when they start using the platform.

In the present article, we compiled the most common issues and questions from collection owners.

Why can’t I see my old drops on NeftyBlocks?

Currently we only retrieve the latest 5000 drops from Atomic. If your drop is not in that range, you will not see it in your drop list. You can see and edit old drops by using the following url format:<collection_name>/drops/<drop_id>

Why is my Drop, Blend, or Pack failing?

The most common reason for users not being able to claim a Drop, Blend, or Pack is the collection failing to add RAM to the smart contract involved in the transaction. Before announcing a Drop or a Blend, make sure that you have added enough RAM. On the collection management page you can see how many NFTs you can mint with the RAM you have available for Drops, Blends, and Packs. Make sure you add a little bit more as the displayed values are only estimations.

Where do I need to add RAM?

If you are creating a drop, you need to add ram to the drops contract. Deposit Drops RAM from your collection management page.

If you are creating a pack, you need to add RAM using the Packs RAM option. There should be enough RAM to mint all the NFTs contained in your packs. Remember that you will also have to create a drop to sell your pack and you need RAM for the drop.

If you have configured blends to gamify your collection add RAM using the Blender RAM option.

If your are dropping a backed NFT make sure you add enough WAX using the Tokens Balance section. There should be enough WAX for all the NFTs.

Note that when you are creating packs and pre-minted drops, we make use of the Random Number Generation. That increases RAM consumption. Add more RAM that what you think you will need. Remember that you can claim your WAX back if there is something left.

Cloud Wallet

In the last few days, the Cloud Wallet has been introducing many changes to prevent bots from flooding Alien Worlds. Those changes have been affecting many users. If you are experiencing strange issues, like transaction time-outs, confirmation screens that never finish loading, or simply things you can not understand, log out, clean the browser cache and try again.

Can I define a start time for my blend?

Currently not. The moment you create the blend users will be able to access it.

Can I create two blends with the same result?

Currently not. It might be possible in the future.

Can I create a blend with ingredients from many collections?

Yes. But you have to do it by configuring it directly in the blenderizerx smart contract. Our UI doesn’t support it yet.

I don’t see my templates when creating a drop. What is going on?

That typically occurs during high usage periods of the WAX network, causing the API to fall behind. Wait a few minutes and your templates should be there.

I don’t see my templates when creating a pack. Why?

Packs require templates to have an unlimited supply. You will only see templates with unlimited supply listed.

Why are packs limited to templates with infinite supply?

That happens because packs are currently minted on demand. And minting on-demand relies on the probability of minting NFTs chosen from a list of templates. Templates must always have the capacity to allow minting an NFT. Note that because of this, some NFTs might never be minted, and some NFTs that you expected to be minted only once, might be minted multiple times.

Does my pack need to have an infinite supply?

No, the packs can have a limited supply.

How do I sell a pack?

You sell a pack like any other NFT. You can create a Drop for your pack or you can mint packs one by one.

Can I edit a pack?

Once it is finalized, you can only edit the display data and the unlock time.

People are getting “Error 18: Collection not found!” when they try to execute a blend. What is wrong?

Your ran out of RAM in the blenderizerx contract. Add RAM following the guidelines described above.

People are getting “billed cpu time is greater then the maximum billable cpu time” when trying to open a pack. What is going on?

The person who is trying to open the pack need to stake CPU.

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