Blending with Tokens & More!

3 min readMay 25, 2022


These new features are accessible to NEFTY staking levels 1,2 & 3 collections.

Blends are easily the most widely used feature of NeftyBlocks. You are all crazy good at coming up with new and interesting ways of using blends to make your NFT collections stand out. That is why we are constantly adding new features to make blends more and more appealing for you!

As per community request on Discord, blends can now use ‘any NFT from a collection’ as an ingredient. This feature opens many new possibilities and adds flexibility when configuring a blend. Got some old and dusty NFTs in your collection that need revival? Do you want to give rug pull NFTs some value? Now is the time.

But wait… there's more! Here comes the game-changer. Starting today, blends can use tokens as ingredients. All tokens that are listed to purchase drops on NeftyBlocks are now also usable as blend ingredients. And from the get-go, we are adding a lot of flexibility to this new type of blend.

Utility, utility, utility!

Live now, creators can specify a single token, a combination of tokens, or a combination of tokens and NFTs as ingredients of a blend. Giving additional utility to tokens on the WAX Blockchain has never been easier!

The result of the blends has all the options that you are already used to. For instance, the results can be predefined NFTs, odds-based NFTs, or empty results. We are exploring the possibility for creators to provide tokens as a blend result.

When adding a token as an ingredient, creators must specify the wallet that receives the tokens. And although users will only see the token as one ingredient, the same token can be added as an ingredient multiple times. By doing so, the creator can specify multiple wallets that receive a share of the tokens that are used in the blend. Thus, creators who use token blends can share the revenue coming from the blends. This should make collabs even more interesting for the entire waxfam. Blends can require WAX, NEFTY, or any token supported on NeftyBlocks as an ingredient*.

Are you already thinking about how to use these new features?

Go, get crazy configuring blends, and implement those crazy ideas!

Start some collabs with other creators! Let us know how you are using the new blend features. We will promote on our social media the most creative uses of blends.

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