Big news for Betsy Holders!

2 min readJan 24, 2024


We’re super excited to share some news with all our Betsy friends!
The Wuffi team has agreed to give a special WUFFI allocation to Betsy holders! To celebrate the WUFFI launch, we’ve made a special Wuffi-themed outfit for Betsy! And guess what? To ensure broad participation, we’ve consulted the Betsy community and decided to re-open the Base Betsy drop, extending a warm welcome to newcomers!

We’ve created two accessory packs for this occasion:

  • Small Pack: Get 2 Wuffi accessories for 200 NEFTY.
  • Big Pack: Grab 4 Wuffi accessories for 300 NEFTY.

Chances to Get Cool Stuff:

  • Most of the time (80%), you’ll get things like body, face, hair, and eyes.
  • Sometimes (18%), you’ll find a cool background.
  • Rarely (1.2%), you might get a hat,
  • and even more rarely (0.8%), an artifact.

Every Betsy on the WAX Blockchain can join this event. If your Betsy wears a Wuffi accessory, it’ll get some WUFFI! And if your Betsy is an Eternal one with a Wuffi accessory, it gets double the WUFFI!

Plus, there’s a big prize! The first person to make their Betsy fully decked out in Wuffi style and eternalise it wins 12,500 NEFTY! Let’s make this a big party and give a warm welcome to Wuffi in the WAX world!

Get your Betsy and Wuffi accessories here!




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