Betsy wants to play Draco Dice!

Project Highlight! At NeftyBlocks, we have always been determined to create value together with the community. We love to support you as much as we love you supporting us. To grow both as a community and as an NFT platform, we encourage creators to integrate the $NEFTY token into their drops and projects. Alongside the community collaboration packs, we are starting to put projects using $NEFTY in the NeftyBlocks spotlights!

In the spotlight today is Draco Dice! Draco Dice are premium, cross-blockchain playing pieces for a new generation of tokenized video games. They form a set of 3,300 unique multi-sided dice. Each box contains a set of six dice with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sides in random variations and rarities. Unlike generative NFTs which randomize the characteristics of a design to create uniqueness, Draco Dice have been designed by veteran Hasbro and Disney illustrator, Clark Mitchell, using variations and finishes based on materials including wood, plastic, glass, metal, porcelain, jelly, and stone.

NeftyBlocks is excited to partner with Draco Dice for an extremely limited promotion that can net you an exclusive NeftyBlocks set of dice, playable in any game that implements Draco Dice!

The sale takes place in two time windows: Saturday, November 6th at 4 pm UTC (for four hours) and Sunday, November 7th at 4 am UTC (for four hours).

Simply purchase 5 MAJOR boxes of dice (@$49.95 each) and hold at least 1000 NEFTY tokens in your wallet to qualify. You will be airdropped a complete set of SIX NeftyBlocks themed dice in two weeks. The dice will come in 4-sided, 6, 8,10, 12 and 20 format. This is the ONLY way you can acquire these dice, though if you miss out you will likely find them on the NeftyMarket. You can already see a sample of the NeftyBlocks dice here.

NeftyBlocks Dice

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to participate by getting your hands on Draco Dice. Their first play-to-earn game will release in early 2022! Hop into their discord to join the community at

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