Betsy is back! Crazier than ever! Join her on the Betsy Quest and earn wild prizes!

3 min readApr 28, 2023


Join the Betsy Quest as you assemble exclusive NFTs on

Enjoy boosted marketplace trading rewards, mine $NEFTY, and eternalize the special themed Betsys to earn WAXP prizes!

We are excited to announce the Betsy Quest! After the success of our two mini-events, Betsy 420 and Earth Day Betsy, we want to throw a wilder party!

To join, all you need is a Base Betsy! You can get one by buying a Betsy Starter Pack or acquiring a Base Betsy on NeftyBlocks’ secondary market!

During the Betsy Quest, NeftyBlocks will use 30% of the secondary market fees to buy back $NEFTY! Betsy holders will get that $NEFTY once per week to incentivize the purchase of accessory packs!
Additionally, every Betsy holder receives a 2x boost in their trading rewards during the Quest!

So what is this Quest about?
On, you can customize your Betsy with different accessories. Accessory packs are for sale on NeftyBlocks, where you can buy them for $NEFTY.
The Treasure Hunt consists of being the first to eternalize the special Betsys. Thirteen themes earn you wild prizes!

Eternalizing each theme grants the person who eternalizes it a WAXP reward! So be fast! Each combination can only be eternalized once!

Twelve of the themes get 3,500 WAXP when eternalized. Those are Satoshi, Magic, Battle, Pizza, Proud, Unstable, Miner, Bear, Degen, Space, Justice, and Presidential.

The 13th and most exclusive and challenging theme, the Golden Betsy, rewards the person who eternalizes it with a whopping 10,000 WAXP prize!

The Golden Betsy

And that’s not all! Minting certain Betsys also gives you WAXP rewards!

The next milestone is the Devil Betsy which gets released when the circulating supply of Betsys reaches 666! Minting Betsy 666 opens a blend with Devil-themed accessories. The person who eternalizes it gets 3,500 WAXP!

Devil Betsy
Devil Betsy

There are also some prizes unlocked just by minting Betsys!

  • The minter of Betsys 1001 gets 2,000 WAXP!
  • Betsy loves you 3000! Mint Betsy 3,000 and get 3,000 WAXP!
  • Betsy will walk 5000 miles to be with you! Mint Betsy 5,000 and get 5,000 WAXP!
  • And we’ll leave the best for last! Mint Betsy 9900 and get 15,000 WAXP!

Along the way, the release of additional themes will reward you with unexpected prizes!

The quest starts on May the 3rd.

Ready to join the Betsy Quest? Head over to and start your journey!
Happy Quest!

P.S.: Once the Quest is over, we have something special planned for the eternal Betsys!

IMPORTANT: The Betsy Quest lasts a maximum of 3 months or until the 13 themes are eternalized. Whatever happens first.
In order to be eligible for the 2x boost and mining $NEFTY, you MUST OPT-IN to the program.




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