Betsy Christmas!

1 min readDec 21, 2022

’Tis the season! Betsy is celebrating Christmas, and she’ll be wearing her best clothes for the occasion!

On December 22nd, a blend token will be dropped to each Betsy. This token will be used in a blend as an ingredient together with 3 common accessories to yield a Christmas Background!

On December 23rd, a new token will be given out, and blending it with 3 more common accessories will award you with a Christmas Sweater.

On December 29th, you’ll be rewarded with another blend token for enjoying the festivities, and this will blend (together with 3 common accessories) into some fancy New Year Glasses.

On December 30th, the last token will be given out, and blending 3 common attributes one last time will reward you with the Champagne Bottle.

These Blends may be completed up to January 1st, 00:00 UTC On January 3rd, any Betsy equipped with the Christmas Background, Christmas Sweater, New Year’s Glasses or Champagne Bottle will be eligible for a 10 Whale Packs Raffle.

Each additional attribute will count as an additional entry, and for every 100 participating attributes, another 5 Whale Packs will be added to the raffle! The raffle will have multiple winners chosen at random.

Join Betsy’s Christmas party!




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