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The second token launch from LaunchBAGZ is around the corner! The launch of $AIGOD was a great success, and we are working to make $WIENR much bigger! We have lots of fair launch tickets available for $NEFTY holders, stakers, and liquidity providers! If you are a Betsy holder, we have something special for you too!


$WIENR is a delicious and spicy meme token that has sparked a rapidly growing community due to its ease of meme creation.

$WIENR Fair Launch Details

For $WIENR, there will be an unlimited number of spots available to buy, unlike the $AIGOD fair launch which had only 200 spots. The more tickets you have, the more $WIENR you’ll be able to buy!

How to Get a Ticket:

- Blend one bounty NFT and one community NFT.

- Community and Bounty NFTs can come from any of the $WIENR partners.

Obtaining NeftyBlocks Community NFTs:

- For every 15,000 $NEFTY in your wallet, you will get one Community NFT (max. 10 NFTs).

- For every 10,000 $NEFTY staked or 3,000 $NEFTY providing liquidity, on the $NEFTY side, through the NeftyBlocks UI, you’ll get one Community NFT (max. 15).

- Snapshot Date:A random date between June 1st and June 10th. Be prepared!

Special for Betsy Holders:

The WIENR-themed Betsy is ready!

- Starting June 4, claim two FREE accessories packs every day. We will take a daily snapshot to add the new Betsy holders to the whitelist.

- On June 10, we will make a snapshot counting the number of accessories your Betsys are wearing.

- For each WIENR body, face, hair, or eyes: One community NFT.

- For each WIENR background: Two community NFTs.

- For each WIENR hat or artifact: Five community NFTs.

As usual, the first fully equipped eternal Betsy will get a 10,000 $NEFTY reward!

Bounty NFTs

From June 1st to June 10th, participate in bounties on Bountyblock or retweet (or should we say reX) some of our posts.

Key Dates:

- Ticket Blend Opens: June 11

- Fair Launch: June 12 at 17:30 CET

- IDO: June 12 at 18:30 CET

Get ready and be part of the $WIENR tribe!




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