Announcing our NeftyBlocks Guild Candidacy!

From the start, NeftyBlocks has been all about adding value for the WAX community. Struggling ourselves with creating amazing NFT drops on the WAX Blockchain, we realized early on that providing convenient tools and services to the WAX community was the way forward. Today, we want to continue building on this foundation. At NeftyBlocks we are proud to announce our Guild candidacy on the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) Blockchain.

NeftyBlocks is a WAX-based NFT platform that enables creators and collectors to conveniently create, trade, and manage NFTs. Since the launch of NeftyBlocks in April 2021, our goal has been to empower NFT creators with the tools they need to amaze their communities.

To establish NeftyBlocks within the WAX ecosystem, we have built many creator tools, drop tools, whitelisting mechanics, and custom development solutions for a great number of NFT projects on WAX. Many of these tools are available for free to use by the community on the NeftyBlocks platform. When writing smart contracts, our goal is always to bring value to the entire community, and make the solutions for partnering NFT projects available for everyone to use. As such, all smart contracts of the various tools provided to the community are publicly available and can be used by anyone with sufficient skill outside of the NeftyBlocks platform.

Recently, we expanded our offering to include a marketplace that quickly became the second-largest on WAX, and we are continually exploring opportunities to add value to the WAX ecosystem. By becoming a Guild for the WAX Blockchain we want to solidify our position and show our commitment to the WAX ecosystem.

Over the last months, we have witnessed and experienced the immense growth of the WAX ecosystem firsthand. The NeftyBlocks platform has served hundreds of thousands of users. We have a growing team committed to continuously building and supporting the NeftyBlocks platform. Moreover, we have invested heavily in setting up the required infrastructure to support a consistently increasing number of users coming to WAX and NeftyBlocks. The continuous growth of users within the WAX ecosystem has strengthened our belief that WAX is uniquely positioned to be the blockchain of choice for any NFT enthusiast in the years to come.

Our experience setting up and maintaining the infrastructure required to run NeftyBlocks fills us with confidence that we can become a reliable block producer on the WAX Blockchain. Learning from the experience of block producers in the space, we are aiming to raise the bar of infrastructure used to reliably produce blocks on WAX. As a guild on the WAX Blockchain, we strive to complement the value we add through the NeftyBlocks platform with operational value for the WAX Blockchain.

We are aware that to grow as a platform, we have to bring new people to the WAX blockchain. As such, that is where we will focus our effort in the upcoming months: bringing new users to WAX and NeftyBlocks.

We appreciate your support for Guild.Nefty!

WAX Candidate name: Guild.nefty

WAX Account name: Guild.nefty

Public Website:




Telegram: @jramonster, @jandrad, @DM_NeftyBlocks


Juan Paniagua - Co-Founder @ NeftyBlocks

José Andrade - Co-Founder @ NeftyBlocks

Diederick Dorenbos - Marketing Strategy

Sanne de Zwart - Art Director / NFT Artist

Andrea de La Cruz - Smart Contract / Back-end developer

Javier Álvarez -Smart Contract / Back-end developer

Lucy Flores -Customer Support

Javier Pérez - Front End Developer

Fernando Ordoñez - Front End Developer

Max van der Schee - Front End Developer

Paul van der Schee - UX Expert

Amanda Alezano - Compliance

Diego León - Customer Support

Sato Hori - DevOps

Jorge Andrade - DevOps

Making tools to simplify managing collections on the WAX Blockchain.