Hey NeftyBlockers!

The NeftyBlocks ecosystem is flourishing. More and more creators and collectors are joining the community, and your enthusiasm for the NFT Creator brings great joy to everyone on the NeftyBlocks team! Surely, the value you are bringing to the community does not go unnoticed, and should be rewarded!

The previous process to get a banner advertising your collection on the NeftyBlocks Platform had a few bottlenecks. To make a long story short …it required a lot of back and forth between you and NeftyBlocks banner team.

We have simplified the process of getting a banner on the Platform. We have also made changes to the payment method to be $NEFTY.
Please watch the short walk-through video below.

Self Service Banners | New Feature Walk-Through

If you have any questions, join our Discord and feel free to ask!

Thank You NeftyBlocks Supporters Banner with Fireworks

For all of your NeftyBlocks supporters who were pioneers in our NEFTY staking program. We are grateful for your support. As Thank You, we want to give you something back.

All the collectors and creators staking $NEFTY will receive a Christmas Card NFT today. (Those who have staked up to December 16th 2021 8:30 UTC). Creators staking enough to reach level 1 at least

On December 23 at 9:00 UTC a SuperBlend that uses the Christmas Card as the only ingredient will allow holders of that NFT to obtain a Dirty Fiat NFT:

— 5 are backed with 500 WAX each
— 25 are backed with 100 WAX each
— 50 are backed with 50 WAX each
— 522 are backed with 10 WAX each

So, go forth and Burn That “Dirty Fiat” and get WAXP!

From the start, NeftyBlocks has been all about adding value for the WAX community. Struggling ourselves with creating amazing NFT drops on the WAX Blockchain, we realized early on that providing convenient tools and services to the WAX community was the way forward. Today, we want to continue building on…

Project Highlight! At NeftyBlocks, we have always been determined to create value together with the community. We love to support you as much as we love you supporting us. To grow both as a community and as an NFT platform, we encourage creators to integrate the $NEFTY token into their…

NeftyBlocks is all about community, and traditions bring communities together.

With the end of October comes Halloween! And although Betsy is not a Witch but a Wizard, she decided to throw a Halloween party!

Over the last month, a group of 39 amazing new and established creators has been working…


Making tools to simplify managing collections on the WAX Blockchain.

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